• Ukmergės g. 223, Vilnius, Lietuva


BSW Engineering specializes in construction services and installation of engineering systems.

We operate in Lithuanian, Western European and Scandinavian markets.
BSW Engineering is oriented to build long lasting relationship with the clients and partners based on trust and respect. We aim to ensure high quality services every time, meet deadlines, clearly identify and fulfill clients needs.

We are open to novelties, support initiative and improve ourselves to provide the optimal solutions for our clients, to ensure efficiency of the processes.

Founders of BSW Engineering have long-year experience in implementation of large-scale construction projects: commercial, industrial, retail, hotel and residential. Even though being a young company, experience, values, motivation and ambitions leads us to focus on successful achievement of business targets.



We operate responsibly in terms of our business, employees and clients.
We keep promises and take responsibility for every decision and action we’ve done.
Reliability is earned by ensuring high quality services every time, meeting deadlines, being transparent and focusing on fulfilling clients needs.


Learning, being open to novelties, supporting initiatives allows us to provide flexible and customized solutions and grow continuously.


We make decisions quickly but deliberately. Implement unusual decisions and meet challenges – the way to success is not straight and easy.

Long Lasting Partnership

Our success is based on building mutual strong and long standing relationship with the employees and clients.


We are the team and that’s all told. Respect and support to each other is a must. Together we can meet and exceed our goals.